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Your Business Plan for Trading Is Essential

What is the first thing that you do when you want something with an intense desire? When you want it so bad you can taste it? When you can feel the desire in your bones? When you’re driven by a desire that leaves you hungry for it? With this kind of emotionally passionate focus, you automatically begin to think about “how” you can get it. In other words you begin to plan. The “how” or “plan” charts the way to achieving the desired item…no matter what it is and no matter how small or large. Planning is essential to the process of achievement and without it you would come as close to accomplishing the goal as you would if you were to be blindfolded and spun around and given a bow and arrow to hit a bullseye 100 yards away. Trading requires planning at both the macro level (the big picture or business plan) and the micro level (the small picture or plan for every trade) Click here to read Your Business Plan for Trading Is Essential

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