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Why Holding Yourself Accountable Will Make You A Better Trader

Blaming others or anything In this article will be looking at why holding yourself accountable will make you a better trade. Richard heaved a heavy sigh. He was thoroughly perplexed, confused, frustrated and dejected as he struggled to understand why the stock he was trading had taken a dive in the late afternoon. The Earnings Report had good news and what’s more, the

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Trading Perfection For What? (Here Is Why It’s Wrong And How To Fix It)

Trading perfection for what? Most traders fall for trading perfection.That is what i would be focusing on in this article. Many traders struggle for trade execution; they don’t consistently pull the trigger when their setups occur. They can find many reasons why they did not put the trade in before price got there. And once price leaves their zone they get this urge

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CRUDE OIL: Continues To Hold Onto Upside Pressure, Targets 71.63

CRUDE OIL: The commodity closed higher the past week leaving risk of more strength in the new week. On the downside, support resides at the 70.00 level where a break will expose the 69.50 level. A cut through here will set the stage for a run at the 69.00 level. Further down, support resides at the 68.50 level. On the upside, resistance resides

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How Imitation And Flattery Can Make You A Successful Trader

When someone with the same goals as you achieve them consistently, you can do same through imitation and flattery because they are proving by their results that the strategy works.  Of course, trading is no different.  In fact, as a trader, one of the ways to shore up your abilities and skills is to have a role model or mentor.  This would be

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How To Take Your Trading To The Top By Asking The “WHY” Question

Pros do it by making consistent trading profits. How hard or simple to take your trading to the top? That is the question i attempt to answer in this piece. Paulo breathed a heavy sigh as he thought about the next day’s preparation. He was still attempting to recover from today’s session, which was emotionally whipping him, as my grandfather used to say,

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How To Recognize The Traps In The Trading Minefield

Trading is full of surprises especially psychological ones. I will focus on how to recognize the traps in the trading minefield in this piece. The day someone decides they are going to pursue a trading, they are typically making that decision because of the potential financial prize. In other words, they are making that decision because of the perceived benefit, not the risk

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Men Or Women, Who Is A Better Trader?

While trading is challenging, some people do well than the other. Here is the question, who is a better trader, man Or woman? One fascinating realization I have come across during my years as a trader, private trading coach and author, is how different female and male traders can approach, analyze and trade the markets. Without offering outrageous generalizations, it has been my

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