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How To Trade By Design (And Not By Default)

Do you trade by design or default? This the question that this article will try to answer. “What’s going on here?” Sheila all but shouted silently in her head. Her plan was to use the Keltner Channel to signal a price break-out on the NQ E-mini, in tandem with the price action hitting the Demand Zone at the lower end of the channel.

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4 Keys To The Trading Kingdom

In this article, we will looking at the 4 keys to your trading kingdom. They are major components to getting the trading results you want. Let’s list them briefly: 1. Visualization Goals are extremely important as you begin trading, and goals are designed to help you objectify and prioritize your steps to become a consistently successful trader. However, the precursor to setting those

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Why The Trader You Aspire To Be Is Already In You ( Here Is How)

You are at your trading platform and as a trader you have visualized the trade over and over. You saw yourself sitting in front of your computer screen, cool, calm and collected. Your back is straight, your brow smooth, and your heart is beating evenly as you simply hold the mouse without squeezing it with dry palms. Now, notice that you are saying

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Why Your Mindset Is The Difference Between Success And Failure

What Is A Trader’s Mindset? When a new trader places a trade, they invariably believe it will be a winning trade. If the trade is a winner the trader will experience positive emotions (happiness, euphoria and sometimes even a feeling of invincibility). If on the other hand, the trade is a losing trade, that trader experiences a number of negative emotions, disappointment, anger

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Why It Is Dangerous To Be A Greedy Trader

While there are three parts to every trade, the greedy trader pretends not to know. The three part parts are the stop loss, the entry, and the profit target. You should know all three parts of the trade in advance be placing the actual trade. This helps to keep us from emotional trading. This often happens when the price action is moving fast.

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Why Staying In The Comfort Zone Is Killing Your Trading

It’s time to get out of the comfort zone. The normal human being is always moved to seek pleasure and avoid pain. We sought the pleasure associated with different things right from when we little. Thing like eating, playing, touching, pounding, grabbing, standing, running. These may seem inconsequential to an adult, but remain in the pleasure zone for little ones. Of course, pleasure

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