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USDCHF Turns Off Higher Prices On Price Failure

USDCHF turns off higher prices on price failure on Friday leaving risk of a pullback on the cards. Resistance resides at the 1.0250 level. Above here, resistance lies at the 1.0300 level and then the 1.0350 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 1.0400 level. On the downside, support is seen at the 1.0150 level. A turn below here will set the

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How To Trade With An Edge

Trading is indeed a probability endeavor. Certainty is an elusive concept that has very little relevance in the trading process or in anything in life. In fact, certainty can be highly problematic as it fosters impulsivity, false assumptions and a lack of clarity and can greatly reduce the reliability of information, if the filter used to evaluate the information is unduly weighted by

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How Mindful Meditation Can Help Your Trading

Mindfulness, over the past few years, has become synonymous with meditation.  Now, that doesn’t mean that all who read this missive will know that to be true. In fact, there are still great numbers of people, traders included, who have no clue that this is so.  Additionally, when the word trading is coupled with meditation, there are large swaths of traders whose eyes

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USDCHF Backs Off Lower Prices With Eyes On 1.0024 Zone

USDCHF backs off lower prices with eyes on 1.0024 zone. Resistance stands at the 1.0050 level. A break of there will clear the way for a run at the 1.0100 level. Above here, resistance lies at the 1.0150 level and then the 1.0200 level. On the downside, support is seen at the 0.9950 level. A turn below here will set the stage for

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Having The Nerve To Win Will Improve Your Trading Results

As a huge sports fan, April is a great time of the year because two of my favorite sporting events happen during this month. First, the March Madness college basketball tournament finishes with the final four teams meeting for a chance at competing for the championship (and then of course the final game which is always a nail-biter). Secondly, the Masters golf tournament

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Why You Should Learn To Meditate As A Trader

This piece focuses on why you should learn to meditate as a trader. It is a well documented fact that alignment with one’s goals gets one to achieve one’s goals. The main reason many traders have difficulty achieving positive trading consistency is a lack of skill sets that gets their brains in alignment with their goals. Neuro science has discovered that we have

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How to Break Bad Habits And Build Good Habits

Habits are the mainstay of the human’s existence.  We have habits for everything, from the time that we get out of bed till the time we get back in.  That also includes sleep habits. And, by-the-way many or most of them are unconscious. We cannot escape it but, conversely, must embrace the process and begin a systematic purging of the bad and identifying,

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How Simple Is Your Trading?

How simple is your trading? this is what we are going to explore in this piece. ‘Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.’ This is one of my favorite quotes. You may think this pithy saying comes from some literary giant like Shakespeare, Dickens or perhaps Mark Twain; but, in fact it was Theodor Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss,

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