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How To Construct Your Trading Success

Skill is defined by Miriam-Webster Dictionary as… 1a: the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance b: dexterity or coordination especially in the execution of learned physical tasks 2: a learned power of doing something competently: a developed aptitude or ability As such, skill is an obvious requirement to succeed at any endeavor.  However, there are any number of ways to develop

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USDCAD Broader Bias Remains Higher Towards 1.3383 Zone

USDCAD broader bias remains higher towards 1.3383 zone. Support lies at the 1.3300 level where a violation will aim at the 1.3250 level. Further down, support comes in at the 1.3200 level where a break lower may occur. This if seen will trigger further weakness towards the 1.3150 level. Conversely, resistance stands at the 1.3350 level where a break will target the 1.3400

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How To Hack Into The Flow State For Better Trading Results

Back at the turn of the century it was called a mystical experience by Wm. James, a ground-breaking psychologist who ushered in critical ideas before their time.  Later, through the work of Abraham Maslow in the 1960s, it was called a peak experience.  Fast forward to the 70s and it was known as the zone, and finally as Flow in the 80s and

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How To Trade With A Laser Precision Focus To Cut Through The Noise

Noise happens all the time, even to seasoned traders; but, the difference between successful traders and the unsuccessful ones is that disciplined traders remain aligned in body, mind and emotions to access and activate internal resources that help them to stay in the now and focused on what matters most in the trade. When you are out of alignment, you are prone to

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Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Profit When You Trade

This may sound like a contradiction, but the best way to get where you want to go in the trade – meaning profit – is to stop focusing on it. In other words, the outcome of P/L is not important. The element that is critically important is your process; that is, the flawless execution and implementation of strategy and plan; your edge. Take

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USDCHF Turns Off Higher Prices On Price Failure

USDCHF turns off higher prices on price failure on Friday leaving risk of a pullback on the cards. Resistance resides at the 1.0250 level. Above here, resistance lies at the 1.0300 level and then the 1.0350 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 1.0400 level. On the downside, support is seen at the 1.0150 level. A turn below here will set the

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How To Trade With An Edge

Trading is indeed a probability endeavor. Certainty is an elusive concept that has very little relevance in the trading process or in anything in life. In fact, certainty can be highly problematic as it fosters impulsivity, false assumptions and a lack of clarity and can greatly reduce the reliability of information, if the filter used to evaluate the information is unduly weighted by

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How Mindful Meditation Can Help Your Trading

Mindfulness, over the past few years, has become synonymous with meditation.  Now, that doesn’t mean that all who read this missive will know that to be true. In fact, there are still great numbers of people, traders included, who have no clue that this is so.  Additionally, when the word trading is coupled with meditation, there are large swaths of traders whose eyes

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