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How To Always Be A Consistently Profitable Trader

It takes many qualities to become a consistently profitable trader, the most fundamental being strong risk management skills, precise order execution capabilities and of course, a solid understanding of how the market really works. This understanding is rarely found in the realms of conventional technical analysis books and webinars, but rather by truly understanding how money is really made and lost in the

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Why Successful Trading is Ultimately A Numbers Game

In last week’s article, I wrote that one of the golden rules of trading is to cut losses short, and let profits run. The reason this rule is tried and true (if one wants to be successful in trading) is simply because the lack of adherence to this basic tenet is just bad math. A trader needs to understand that ultimately, trading is

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How Your Beliefs Are Sources Of Great Power

The power of beliefs is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. It can help you and it can hurt you. Take the placebo effect, and the fact that physicians have been doling out sugar pills forever with amazing results. Or, I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard about people that were diagnosed with some horrible and incurable disease only to go into

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Is There Any Thing Like A Perfect Setup?

This endeavor of futures trading attracts people from all walks of life. They can be doctors, housewives, or entrepreneurs (who are generally a good fit as they are risk takers to begin with). That said, there is one profession in particular that seems to have a special affinity for speculating in the financial markets. These individuals are an extremely bright lot and are

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Why You Should Not Trade Not To Lose?

The opening bell just sounded and you are putting on a trade. You’ve got your plan established…you’ll buy the demand level on the 60 minute chart of the NQ E-mini that you analyzed yesterday. The price action on the Globex chart is confirming the plan with an overnight low that coincides with the demand level that you established. You have your entry, target,

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Don’t Be A Greedy Trade Chaser

Over time in your trading, there will be many trades that you miss – meaning that price has already left a good level to enter your position. This is an inevitable fact in trading! We can’t possible see or take every trade that exists. We have covered what constitutes a good level of supply and demand, so you should be well aware of

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Having The Nerve to Win

As a huge sports fan, April is a great time of the year because two of my favorite sporting events happen during this month. First, the March Madness college basketball tournament finishes with the final four teams meeting for a chance at competing for the championship (and then of course the final game which is always a nail-biter). Secondly, the Masters golf tournament

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Why You Should Not Trade On Vacation.

Bob was sitting in a recliner overlooking the beautiful azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea from his hotel room veranda. The sky was a deep turquoise with a few billowy white cumulus clouds floating by as a huge golden sun drenched the ocean side with bright, warm rays. “All is well” he thought to himself. He watched as his wife played in

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