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Why Greed Is The Flip Side Of Fear (And What You Can Do About It)

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines greed as simply, “… a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.” Greed is often referenced as one of the main contributors to trading loss. Greed mangles the mind by distracting the trader from what matters most in the trade, which is quite frankly, to protect your capital by prudent planning and following rules.

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How To Self-Regulate To Successfully Manage Your Trades

Lydia looked with disdain at her screen, but underneath the anger brewed a cauldron of fear. She was facing a massive drawdown after getting excited by a blastoff candle while trading the Russell E-mini. Even though it was an extended rally, she couldn’t control her excitement as she entered an impulsive long trade based in large part on that candle. But, as trades

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How Trading Psychology Serves As Platform For Improving Your Trading Results

Trading psychology is a subject most books and so-called professionals keep separate from the mechanics and strategies of trading and investing. A reality largely misunderstood is that the underlying mechanics and strategies within trading and investing are a direct function of your psychological belief system. At any given time in the stock market, there are buy and sell invitations sent out in the

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How To Treat Trading Like A Business

When we talk to prospective students about learning the skill of trading, we also encourage them to treat trading like a business. If you start any type of business you first have to come up with the initial seed capital to get the business off the ground. This comes with the understanding that there’s always risk because there’s never a guarantee that the

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How Are You Defining Winning While Trading? (And What Does Winning In Trading Mean To You?)

What does winning in the trade mean to you? Most people would probably say that it involves making a profit. Well, although that would not be a wrong answer, it wouldn’t include “all” of the story. The story would also include what you’re doing to ensure that you in fact will “consistently” win. So many traders say that they want to win, but

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How Withstanding The Tough Times Can Make You A Successful Trader

Actually, most endeavors that are of value involve tasks that are not in and of themselves enjoyable. But they must be done regardless if you want to be good at it. Trading is no different. Measuring and documenting your trading is absolutely critical to becoming successful. But, this article is not about documenting; it’s about being persistent in doing those things that despite

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How To Manage Your Family And Trading Relationships

A young woman engaged me in conversation about a challenge she was having with her boss. She shared that she felt that her boss was treating her somewhat like a child and that it was creating some difficulties for her in maintaining focus on her duties. In many ways this is very similar to what happens when traders have relationship difficulties with their

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5 Ways You Can Become Consistent In Your Forex Trading

While forex trading can be tough and challenging, below are 5 ways you can learn how to improve your trading. 1 – Discipline Discipline is without doubt the foundation of everything, not just in trading but in life as well. A person lacking discipline will always struggle to achieve their goals no matter what they are and will be stumped time and time

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