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Learn How To Trade And Be Consistently Profitable

Having spent much of March in the UK for vacation time, I got plenty of time to recharge, catch up with friends and family and meet a few new people along the way. I very rarely talk about my work, but sometimes people take an interest when meeting for the first time and, of course, they like to ask me what I do.

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How To Empower Your Trading

Emotional management is crucial to the ability to focus on what matters most in the trade. For instance, planning, stringent rule following and keeping commitments are some emotional management skills you’ll want to hone. There are those who would say that you should trade like a robot, meaning without emotions. They contend that, if you can do this you would be able to

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How Change Happens In Your Trading?

Change is ubiquitous, it’s all over the place and it happens all the time. The weather, the news, the markets, fashion, etc. are all changing. And there is a saying, the more things change the more they stay the same. When you think about your trading, the second saying is probably much more applicable. I’d bet that you have had numerous trades where

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How Your Psychological Belief Shapes Your Trading

Investing psychology is a subject most books and so-called professionals keep separate from the mechanics and strategies of proper investing. A reality, largely misunderstood, is that the underlying mechanics and strategies within investing are a direct function of your psychological belief system. At any given time in the stock market, there are buy and sell invitations sent out in the form of news

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Why You Should Believe In Your Trading Method

How often has this happened to you? You see a trade setting up. All the conditions are favorable, good odds and good profit margin. It’s a high probability trading opportunity and it’s time to take action; but just before you click the Buy/Sell button doubt begins to set in… You start having second thoughts. Suddenly you’re mired in negative what ifs, so you

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How Documentation Is Critical To Your Trading Success

I have often discussed with my students how awareness or the lack thereof is profoundly important to trading. About 95% of everything that goes on in your brain and mind is out of your awareness. Just consider that your unconscious brain is responsible for all the communication between cells, organs, muscles and bones as well as motor functions, respiration, heartbeat, immune functions, overall

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Your Attitude Is Everything In Trading

Even though you know yourself best and have lived with you longer than anyone else, your ability turn failure into success is a question that is certainly not black and white at all. It really comes down to how you perceive yourself, which can change over time depending on your attitude and the filters we all attain as we age. The key difference

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Having Goals Is Essential For Trading Success

Can you fathom setting out to achieve an endeavor that could change the trajectory of your life, and not being specific on what it is that you want to accomplish or when? How would you know if you were making progress towards achieving your goal if you had no way of measuring progress on your way to the finish line. And wouldn’t having

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