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EURUSD: Biased To The Upside But With Caution

EURUSD: With the pair retaining its bull pressure it remains biased to the upside medium term. But we may see a pullback in the new week. On the upside, resistance comes in at 1.2450 level with a cut through here opening the door for more upside towards the 1.2500 level. Further up, resistance lies at the 1.2550 level where a break will expose

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What Does Objectivity in Trading Feel Like?

One of the toughest obstacles a person new to trading faces in becoming profitable is staying objective about what the market is telling them. Staying objective means being able to change one’s mind when the market environment clearly indicates our assessment of the direction of the market is wrong. That’s only one aspect of being objective, the other, and most important part of

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How Trading And The Universal Law Of Duality Work

EMBRACE TRADING RISK is the mantra I espouse to all traders, mainly because the universal law of duality exists. This law states that nothing can exist without its antithetical counterpart. Night cannot be without day, evil cannot exist without good and rewards cannot happen without risk. I know this may be a bit philosophical for some readers, but it’s amazing to me how

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How To Quantify Your Emotions In Currency Trading

I thought that I would take the time to explore the thought process behind most trading decisions we make during our FX speculating. As you may already know if you have read previous articles written by myself or my colleagues, we all drive home the importance of formulating and then following a detailed and actionable written trade plan. Following a detailed plan is

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How Thankfulness Can Help Your Trading

Have you ever felt down and out; like life itself was falling from you and it seemed like a major effort just to take care of the everyday mundane things? Of course you have it’s called being human. No one that I have ever encountered in person or in the media has been perfect. No one has been able to lay claim to

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How To Approach Your Trading Like A Business

When we talk to prospective students about learning the skill of trading, we also encourage them to approach it like a business venture. If you start any type of business, you first have to come up with the initial seed capital to get the business off the ground. This comes with the understanding that there’s always risk because there’s never a guarantee that

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The Power Of Belief In Your Trading

In September 1947, Reader’s Digest published the following quote by Henry Ford; “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” This quote has become quite famous as it describes the essence of beliefs and how they impact every aspect of our lives. From health, to relationships, to business and finance, how you think fundamentally directs all that you

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How To Keep Your Trading On Target

The trader stared at her screen, it was like she had been in a bad dream and had just awakened to find that it was not a dream at all. She couldn’t believe it. She had been doing so well…and for weeks now. But there it was in front of her eyes; one of her largest losses ever. In fact, she really couldn’t

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