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How To Begin Your Trading With The End In Mind

I just got off the phone with a delightful couple, Jeffrey and Felicia. I was asked if I would speak to them briefly because Jeffrey, the trader of the couple, had been consistently losing money for months. As they were trading with the last of their retirement, it was now imperative that they do something differently to begin getting the results that they

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Simplicity Is Best Answer To Your Trading Problems

“It looks a bit full but it’s going to work,” he thought as his limit order was being placed on the YM E-mini 5 minute chart. There was not much space for the chart to be exhibited, though, as there was a MACD indicator, an RSI, a Stochastic, an ATR and a Bollinger Band prominently displayed. John liked to ensure that he had

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Why Trading Is Not What You Think It Is

Trading can be counter-intuitive in a number of ways. Let’s examine an instance of this as we look over Shirley’s shoulder at her trade. The green candles were rising faster than the space shuttle Endeavor toward her stop. Her eyes were like saucers while she fought a compelling urge to move her stop-loss. The price action belonged to the YM E-mini 5 minute

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How To Build Trading Skills And Measure Your Results

Jason looked at his trade with both a little disdain and a note of assurance. He had placed a limit order on the 5 minute NQ E-mini chart to go long at the fresh Demand Zone that he had drawn after identifying it on the 60 minute chart. He had a plan and now he was trading that plan. He placed a stop

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How Withstanding Tough Times Can Help You Become A Successful Trade

Measuring and documenting your trading is absolutely critical to becoming successful. But, this article is not about documenting; it’s about being persistent in doing those things that despite being distasteful you do it anyway. Additionally, it’s about perseverance; that is, having the endurance to continue despite set-backs, issues and fatigue. Consider the following vignette: Robert sighed when he saw the damage. It was

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How To Model Winning Trading Strategies

People with the same goals often think alike and usually have many similarities. William James once wrote: “… if you want a habit – act like you have it. The Central Nervous System can’t distinguish from real experiences and strongly imagined ones. Acting as if has remarkable powers.” Today, a common cliché is “Fake it ‘til you make it.” The only difference between

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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving In Trading?

Some traders across the planet…no, actually, millions of traders across the planet are not fairing very well. They are imploding in trade after trade because they are unable to do what it takes to be consistently successful traders. They are failing to follow-through in some of the most fundamental ways, by lacking the discipline to stop violating trading rules and keep their promises.

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GBPJPY: Backs Off Higher Prices, Vulnerable

GBPJPY: The cross continues to face upside pressure but could see pullback threats in the new week having continued to reject higher prices. On the downside, support comes in at the 146.00 level where a violation will aim at the 145.50 level. A break below here will target the 145.00 level followed by the 144.50 level. Conversely, resistance is seen at the 147.00

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