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Trader Challenges: Entries, Exits, Emotions and Trading Profitably

Do you have difficulty or challenges with any of these?

It’s understandable if you do. These are the most common challenges for traders, and the most burning questions that are brought up on a very regular basis. I know exactly how you feel. The frustration of knowing that you’re smart enough to make it work, yet losing money or just breaking even really is nerve-racking.

Seeing your money disappear with trades where the market moves against you and you hang on to it, hoping that it will turn around, then having it turn into a sizable loss is just gut-wrenching.

Even worse is when you miss out on one that you pick right or either act too late or hang on to it too long and watch your profits vaporize.

Then the confusion sets in. You get gun-shy about even entering trades and your confidence is circling the drain. It’s a downward spiral that is totally opposite of what you expected when you got into trading.

There is hope, though.

You are definitely smart enough, and have what it takes. I know that because you would never have been in a position to even consider trading if you hadn’t already proved it.

You’re experiencing challenges with the entries and exits, emotions and making money because those challenges are the result of what happened when you first started trading. Nobody told you about it because they didn’t know.

What happened is a series of events that seem perfectly normal and logical, on the surface. But when you look deeper, you see that these events actually set people up to do things that they wouldn’t do otherwise.

Like jump into a treacherous endeavor unaware of what they’re in for and unprepared to deal with the traps and pitfalls that await them.

Like putting substantial sums of money at high risk, without properly planning the trades out and having an exit strategy fully in place.

Like I said, I know how you feel. I’ve been there and felt the anguish of watching my money disappear in trading. Like you, I got lured into trading naive of what really happens and what it takes to truly trade profitably.

Fortunately, after considerable research and reflection, I was able to see the forest for the trees and discover the truth of what happens and why so many smart people don’t make money trading.

When I first made the discovery and thought on the matter, it almost sounded like a mental and emotional trap that would be part of a conspiracy, although it could never be proved.

It sure does seem like a lot of good people get sucked into trading and their money taken by a very small few.

If you’re considering trading or if you’ve already begun and you’re finding difficulty, then you’d better get your guard up and think twice before continuing.

You have real money at stake, and the odds are more against you than you realize. You can turns those odds around, if you can get out of the “get rich quick” frame of mind and take a more realistic look at trading, with some good guidance from someone who’s already been down that road.

Article sourced from ezinearticle


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