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The Week’s Best – Our Favorite Articles On Trading Strategies and psychology

We know you busy, so we have selected the best articles on trading strategies and psychology for you to enjoy during your weekend.

Here are the week’s best trading articles.

1 Simple Way To Trade Against The Trend

In this new article, I hope to explain 1 simple way to trade against the trend to pull out a few pips in the forex market. First of all, for those of you who are new, one of the oldest sayings in trading is to “trade with the trend,” or even “the trend is your friend.” Generally speaking, your win:loss ratio should be

3 Ways Professional Traders Manage Risk

One thing that is certain in anyone’s trading journey is losses. Even the best traders lose from time to time. What the best traders have in common however is that they are very professional losers. Knowing how to lose properly is a must in a long and prosperous trading career. This theme is also the back bone of trading success.

4 Steps To Profitable Trading – Part 2

Last week we talked about two key pieces of your financial blueprints that one must have to achieve success, today we will discuss two more in 4 steps to profitable trading – part 2 . Would you ever build a house without well thought out blueprints? Of course not, but when it comes to personal finances people simply don’t understand the importance of

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your trading strategies and psychology articles


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