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Think like a forex strategist

Discover tips, strategies, ideas and techniques for building your profitable trading systems

Think like a forex strategist offers you a combination of proven, practical, and helpful trading strategies and risk management techniques to help you trade better and increase your trading results. It’s a valuable eBook for both new and experienced traders.

  • Time your trades Using Fibonacci, support & resistance and more

  • Discover how to effectively use risk management techniques

  • Learn and use new trading systems & strategies to boost your trading results

  • Insights and experience from over 6 years of forex trading and research


Mohammed Isah is not interested in “showing” you a quick and easy way to make money in this book. His interest is helping you understand the importance of his “three-legged” approach to trading, which will then help you make money. In his words, and with examples from his own trading experience, he clarifies and emphasizes the importance of having a trading system or strategy, the importance of risk-management, and the importance of controlling your emotional reaction to losses.

Lane Mendelsohn

Founder -

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