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How Premature Exiting Can Ruin Your Trading Results

He felt really good about this trade. John’s plan recognized a demand zone on the 60 minute NQ E-mini chart and the price action had pulled back as it was about to enter the DZ. The 5 minute chart is where he had placed a bracketed order to go long in the zone with a... read more

How To Keep Your Reputation In Check When You Trade

Tracy was still angry with her husband even though the argument happened last night. She thought that since she “slept” on it that things would look a little differently today…they didn’t. She and Bob had a good relationship, but sometimes “he could be so stubborn,”... read more

How Elite Traders Develop Strong Positive Habits

One of the best ways to initiate a new habit is with a routine. Once you have established your goal(s) break down the item into tasks and objectives. For each objective make a list of what needs to be done to accomplish it. This would be your list of tasks. Prioritize... read more

How Pivots Can Happen In Your Head During Trading

Have you ever noticed as you looked at a chart after, say an FMOC meeting or some other economic report or news event, that when the market invariably whipsaws all over the place as it surges upward and plummets into the hinterlands that your emotional volatility is... read more

Your Path To Trading Success

I am sure you have heard this saying, “Rules are made to be broken.” Well, it might make some sense in other parts of life, but in trading this is plain and simple hogwash. Rules, and of course by that I mean effective rules are close to if not at the top of the list... read more

I found your daily analysis very useful. Thank you for an excellent service and great forex analysis

Andreas Stockmann
London, United Kingdom

You really do great technical analysis research. Very impressive, you know your job. Over the years, I have read so much technical analysis from many authors, and you can really tell their personal bias is affecting what they see in the charts. You do great work, very impressive.

Ludwig Roessler
Kelowna, Canada

I want to let you know that since I signed up for your subscription my trading has improved, and I now trade more confidently than before. I carefully read your daily/weekly strategies and then make decisions to initiate my trade, and I would say about 83% was successful. Thank you.

Zahra Bakari
Chicago, United States



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