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GOLD: Bearish, Risk Turns Lower On Correctiongold

GOLD: The commodity weakened after failing to strengthen further on Wednesday. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,270.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,260.00 level. Further down, a cut through here will open the door for a move lower towards... read more

10 Habits Of Highly Successful Traders

What Is A Trader’s Mindset? When a new trader places a trade, they invariably believe it will be a winning trade. If the trade is a winner the trader will experience positive emotions (happiness, euphoria and sometimes even a feeling of invincibility). If on the... read more

How To Improve Your Trading By Forming New Habits

His sleep-filled eyes could barely focus on the chart staring back at him from the computer screen. He felt sluggish, foggy, and slow but what was quite clear is that he had violated his rules and had lost again. Oscar’s anger began to rise through the fog as he asked... read more

Why You Should Allow Winners To Run

Sally felt like she was in the zone. Her plan had identified a demand zone on the 60 minute ES E-mini chart and the price action had pulled back as it was about to enter it. She had placed a limit order on the 5 minute chart to go long in the zone and bracketed her... read more

Why Humans Are Creatures Of Habit

Several months ago I wrote an article featuring my friend Harvey. Now Harvey only lives in my head, I made him up to illustrate my story. By the way, those voices in my head…well, sometimes they have good ideas! Anyway, Harvey found himself losing consistently in the... read more

How To Always Be A Consistently Profitable Trader

It takes many qualities to become a consistently profitable trader, the most fundamental being strong risk management skills, precise order execution capabilities and of course, a solid understanding of how the market really works. This understanding is rarely found... read more

Why Successful Trading is Ultimately A Numbers Game

In last week’s article, I wrote that one of the golden rules of trading is to cut losses short, and let profits run. The reason this rule is tried and true (if one wants to be successful in trading) is simply because the lack of adherence to this basic tenet is just... read more

I found your daily analysis very useful. Thank you for an excellent service and great forex analysis

Andreas Stockmann
London, United Kingdom

You really do great technical analysis research. Very impressive, you know your job. Over the years, I have read so much technical analysis from many authors, and you can really tell their personal bias is affecting what they see in the charts. You do great work, very impressive.

Ludwig Roessler
Kelowna, Canada

I want to let you know that since I signed up for your subscription my trading has improved, and I now trade more confidently than before. I carefully read your daily/weekly strategies and then make decisions to initiate my trade, and I would say about 83% was successful. Thank you.

Zahra Bakari
Chicago, United States



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