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How Visualization Can Help Your Trading Results

“It just made good sense!” He heard himself say emphatically. The trading classes Ken had taken were a sound investment giving him the market knowledge he needed to identify prudent supply and demand zone strategies. Also, Ken had realized early on the importance of... read more

How To Become A Motivated Trader

To be motivated means that you have an adequate incentive, and you are moved to take action. Motivation is at the crux of becoming successful in any endeavor, and trading is no different. Of course, motivation must be focused on the “right” target, objective, and goal... read more

Why Trading Is Sometimes Not What You Think

Trading can be counter-intuitive in a number of ways. Let’s examine an instance of this as we look over Shirley’s shoulder at her trade. The green candles were rising faster than the space shuttle Endeavor toward her stop. Her eyes were like saucers while she fought a... read more

EURUSD Risk Still Remains Lower On Pullbacks

EURUSD: The pair remains weak and vulnerable to the downside despite its price hesitation. Resistance comes in at 1.1800 level with a cut through here opening the door for more upside towards the 1.1850 level. Further up, resistance lies at the 1.1900 level where a... read more

How Your Beliefs Can Shape Your Trading

As you trade stocks or any other asset or financial instrument your beliefs play a huge role in the results that you get. In fact, your beliefs are very important components to your programming that took place years ago and still have considerable impact upon your... read more

GOLD Outlook Remains Lower On Price Reversal

GOLD: The commodity remains weak and vulnerable to the downside after it reversed its Friday gains on Monday. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,270.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,260.00 level. Further down, a cut through here will open... read more

GBPUSD Consolidates But With Bull Risk

GBPUSD: The pair may have hesitated the past week, but remains slightly biased to upside. Support lies at the 1.3200 level where a break will turn attention to the 1.3150 level. Further down, support lies at the 1.3100 level. Below here will set the stage for more... read more

GOLD: Bullish, Outlook Remains Higher Nearer Term

GOLD: The commodity remains on the offensive leaving risk higher nearer term. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,290.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,280.00 level. Further down, a cut through here will open the door for a move lower towards... read more

Simplicity Is The Best Policy For Your Trading

“It looks a bit full but it’s going to work,” he thought as his limit order was being placed on the YM E-mini 5 minute chart. There was not much space for the chart to be exhibited, though, as there was a MACD indicator, an RSI, a Stochastic, an ATR and a Bollinger... read more

I found your daily analysis very useful. Thank you for an excellent service and great forex analysis

Andreas Stockmann
London, United Kingdom

You really do great technical analysis research. Very impressive, you know your job. Over the years, I have read so much technical analysis from many authors, and you can really tell their personal bias is affecting what they see in the charts. You do great work, very impressive.

Ludwig Roessler
Kelowna, Canada

I want to let you know that since I signed up for your subscription my trading has improved, and I now trade more confidently than before. I carefully read your daily/weekly strategies and then make decisions to initiate my trade, and I would say about 83% was successful. Thank you.

Zahra Bakari
Chicago, United States



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