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Award-Winning Currency Analysis That Will Lower Your Risk & Instantly Reveal Profitable Trade Ideas

Cut your analysis time and dramatically improve your Forex trading results with our trade ideas and easy-to-use commentary.

FXTechstrategy delivers timely analysis and trade ideas of 10 currencies to you every day. Get all the confidence you need to pull the trigger and improve your results.

Make Better, Profitable Trades

Get more power over your trading with less hassle

I like the short, concise assessments about the currencies that I trade. The time frames and products fit well with what and how I trade. Plus, of course, the track record of accurate calls is encouraging. Keep up the good work – I like it and look forward to each daily edition. Rowan Addison

Deuteronomy Trading Pty Ltd

FXTechstrategy analysis will help you spot profitable trades and cut down your analysis time…so you can improve your trading results

Support your opinions with expert analysis

You can rely on our over 6 years experience in forex research for easy, actionable daily analysis and trade ideas. It will help you point exactly where you can enter a trade, place your stop loss and set your price target. It makes every process easy with less effort for you.

Spot trends quickly on your charts and act on them

With annotated charts along with easy to use commentary, identifying and acting on tradable opportunities has never been easier. It speeds up your trading decisions and improves your accuracy. Stay on top of every move, price action and cut your analysis time.

Integrate with trading strategies or systems you already use

Never worry again if the analysis fits into your systems. Whether your strategy is for day trading, swing or position trading, FXTechstrategy analysis fits in seamlessly with no hassles. Cut down your analysis time and increase your trading time

You can use FXTechstrategy forex research to:

  • Support your opinions with expert analysis in 10 most liquid currencies and 5 commodities

  • Integrate with your existing trade strategies

  • Spot trends quickly on your charts and act on them

  • Use it as your original trade ideas

FXTechstrategy’s award-winning research has been featured in:

3 Reasons FXTechstrategy is the Smarter Choice for Your Trading

Super simple, actionable analysis and trade ideas provide safety

If you’re trying to do analysis yourself and trade at the same, chances are you are vulnerable. A super simple, easy, actionable analysis with trade ideas can reduce your risk and increase your chances of succeeding.

Prevent costly trading errors with access to expert analysis

If you are like most traders who have lost their trading accounts, made tons of mistakes during trading, then you need an expert to carry you on his shoulders. Getting all the help you need from an expert can help you prevent unnecessary trading errors leading to losses.

Loved by thousands of traders globally

More than 3,497 traders use FXTechstrategy analysis to trade. From new traders to professional traders, FXTechstrategy’s powerful, easy analysis with trade ideas is the ideal choice for their trading solutions.

Get the award-winning, easy-to-use daily forex analysis and trade ideas

Join the 3,497+ traders using FXTechstrategy to improve their trading results