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Get super-easy daily analysis and powerful buy/sell trade ideas with stop losses, price targets to help you improve your profits.

Powerful trade alerts for traders of any style

Take trades with high-confidence with our powerful trade alerts. Each trade alert shows you where to buy or sell, place your stop losses, and set your profit targets. Get the right tools for your trading so you can get the best results. Whatever your trading style, FXTechstrategy can help you do more with your trading.

Easy-to-grasp analysis to help you track price action

You don’t need to sit, read, and analyze the charts every day, which can be tough and challenging. FXTechstrategy offers done-for-you analysis including labeled and annotated charts. Track price action to help you gauge market momentum and spot unusual price movements on the charts.

Spot trends fast with labelled and annotated charts

Combine our analysis with labelled and annotated charts to get a quick handle on price trends. Define and spot trends to act on trading opportunities fast. Track support and resistance level to reduce your risk .

Support and resistance levels that work for you

We’re are constantly reviewing and updating our support and resistance levels to help you plan the best trade entries. Our analysis team identifies the most important support and resistance levels for you. Easily use them to support the trade alerts or as your own trade entries, profit targets and stop losses – all so we can help you improve you trading results.

Get the award-winning, easy-to-use analysis and trade ideas

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