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Fear, One Of The Most Crippling Trading Emotions

Have you ever stopped to consider how the trading emotions of fear are clandestinely zapping your trading confidence? Suppressed fear is keeping you locked in a place of false security and self delusion. It also stops you from being a great trader. Suppressed fear is rather like a prison wall you have unwittingly surrounded yourself with without your conscious knowledge.

Forty percent of all traders admit to experiencing trading fears, Add to this the percentage of traders who are so well versed in camouflaging their trading emotions from their conscious awareness, that they don’t even know that they have them, and this figure would be even higher.

Fear is the thing that stops you dead in your tracks and stops you from noticing trading opportunities.

We are so engrossed in our fears, due to our conditioning. Limiting beliefs, which have been passed down for thousands of years have formed the nucleus of western cultural paradigms, that we have accepted them as irrevocable truths. Fear runs in our DNA, it has moved us away from appreciating our authentic selves and turned us onto satellites floating around the universe disconnected from our source.

We experience this disconnection in attitudes like “Each to their own”. It is the motto by which we have become conditioned to live and it emphasizes that fact that we believe in separation. rather than in oneness. The idea of oneness is still a lofty spiritual mantra out there which has not yet been accepted as true, but for the most consciously aware traders amongst us.

Separation begets fear.The idea that we have to fight for every trading profit, that the world is a dangerous place is deeply engrained and permeates our every being, it is not surprising that we are reluctant to see beyond the walls of fear that are keeping us imprisoned.

Things are changing though, as the collective consciousness is shifting away from the need to feed separation and disharmony and is gradually moving towards the desire to experience harmony.

Facing fear based trading emotions

Only in facing something can we change it. The first requirement in overcoming fear based trading emotions is your willingness to face them with out emotional attachment. This is the most difficult part, as it requires a moving away from your present identity.

Are you willing to face your trading fears and notice the many coping strategies you have invented that stopped you until now from noticing how they are keeping you from achieving your trading goals?
Fears are neither a good, nor a bad thing. They are just one of the many strategies we have employed in the belief that they keep us safe. Looked at close up fear is never ever real. It is also never about your trading, but always about some hidden issue, normally from early childhood, which is locked in your cell memory.

You are what you repeatedly think and do.

Your biggest challenge is no so much about changing old behaviours, it is about changing your beliefs about your identity. True, you could go about it the old way and force yourself to adopt new behaviours. That is immensely hard work though, because it requires huge energy and willpower. You will be so worn out forcing changes, that you are too exhausted to activate the change inside you that could move you into an entirely different reality. It is though what most traders do and then they wonder that they are not progressing as they should.

There is an easier way

However, if you were to set the intention to notice how you are “doing fear” as a means of coping and keeping you safely cocooned in the collective paradigm, you might notice how your trading emotions gradually start falling away. You will notice the absurdity of the emotions and that in itself is a huge incentive to let go of them. No hard work required here.

This process unfolds in a non linear fashion. Don’t look for the obvious, but be open to receiving new information. The emphasis is on receiving, not on looking.

It may be that you are compelled to look at books you never looked at before. Trust your inner feelings and go with the flow. Einstein was right: You can’t change something with the same mind set that created it.

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a trader Trading and Psychology Coach, and author of The Buddhist Trader and other books on trading psychology. She has written extensively on trading psychology and the energies of happiness as the foundation for lasting success.


Written by Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen
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