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Cut your analysis time and dramatically improve your Forex trading results with our annotated charts and easy-to-use commentary.

FXTechstrategy research helps you analyze over 10 most liquid currencies in the world. Say goodbye to tedious daily analysis and hello to easy-to-use forex research and trade ideas. Our forex research is a great tool for simplifying your trading decisions and improving your trading results.

Say goodbye to tedious daily analysis and
hello to easy-to-use forex research and trade ideas.
  • Support your opinions with expert analysis of 10 most liquid currencies
  • Spot trends quickly on your charts and act on them
  • Integrate our analysis with your existing trading strategies
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For over 6 years, FXTechstrategy has provided intra-day, swing and position traders with the forex research tools they need to make easy, objective trading decisions and improve their trading results. Get award-winning currency analysis and trade alerts.

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No more tedious daily analyses. FXTechstrategy provides you with easy-to-use commentary, trade alerts, labeled charts, clear cut support and resistance plus 24/7 support. So you can focus on your trading.

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“I read FXTechstrategy forex research every morning before I open my trading platform. It gives me a good sense of market direction. A very good non biased technical study.”

Jermaine Richards, Toronto, Canada

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Trader Testimonials - Intra-day & swing traders rely on FXTechstrategy Research Every Day 




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 FXTechstrategy forex research has helped thousands of traders made easy trading decisions and improved their results


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