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FXTechstrategy research helps you analyze over 10 most liquid currencies in the world. Say goodbye to tedious daily analysis and hello to easy-to-use forex research and trade ideas. Our forex research is a great tool for simplifying your trading decisions and improving your trading results.

Say goodbye to tedious daily analysis and
hello to easy-to-use forex research and trade ideas.
  • Support your opinions with expert analysis of 10 most liquid currencies
  • Spot trends quickly on your charts and act on them
  • Integrate our analysis with your existing trading strategies
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 Your time is valuable. FXTechstrategy handles all the research for you, so you can focus on your trading

3,497+ traders use FXTechstrategy research to make better, profitable trades

The daily technical report helps me by pointing out specific values of significant support and resistance levels. Your own view on each currency pair analyzed helps my trading the most.
Alex Ang, Washington DC, USA

 How we are different?

For over 6 years, FXTechstrategy has provided intra-day, swing and position traders with the forex research tools they need to make easy, objective trading decisions and improve their trading results. Get award-winning technical research.

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No more tedious analyses. FXTechstrategy provides you with labeled charts, directional biases, clear cut support & resistance and easy-to-grasp commentary. So you can focus on your trading.

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“I read FXTechstrategy forex research every morning before I open my trading platform. It gives me a good sense of market direction. A very good non biased technical study.”

Jermaine Richards, Toronto, Canada

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Get the Award-winning, Easy-to-use Daily Forex Research and Technical Analysis.

FXTechstrategy forex research has helped thousands of traders made easy trading decisions and improved their results

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